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What Is Credit Repair?


Credit Repair will help you work faster to get clients qualified for a loan and into a better home. When you help someone who isn’t qualified for a home loan improve their credit score, their entire life changes. You can have a profound, positive impact on your community by offering credit repair services to disqualified leads.

Credit repair is also a creative real estate agent marketing idea: by offering credit repair services you will sell more homes, have happier clients, and create a second stream of revenue with free, qualified leads. Most people who are focusing on improving their credit are doing so to qualify for a home.


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How credit repair works?

Repair Your Credit History

You may be able to establish credit using the bills you are currently paying such as car insurance, cell phone, child care, utilities and/or rental history. We can help you demonstrate the ability to make payments on time.

Build Your Financial Future

Building Your Own Personal Financial Plan For Your Future. Building your own personal financial plan will be crucial in your success in managing your money and investments. It also helps you visualize your path to a brighter financial future

Monitor Your Credit Profile

Your income minus your business expenses equals your profit. How did you do last year? Are you satisfied with last year’s profit? Or do you need to lower your business expenses, increase your income, or both to reach a profit you’re happy with in the coming year?.

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